iSmash Trades is a product of Smash Group (RC 1592710), Investment management and advisory services on iSmash Trades are provided by Smash Groups Limited.




Block 59, Plot 12A, kusenla Road, Ikate Lekki beside spicy restaurant at chisco bus stop Lekki.


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How does iSmashtrades work?

ismashtrade is a digital investment platform where investors invest  in any of/ all of the 6 core investment programs, namely, agriculture,  haulage, Transportation, real estate , logistics and forex trading, and get a  good ROI depending on the sector of Investment and the chosen plan.

How can I register on ismashtrade platform?

you can register on your phone. Log on to, to sign up and confirm your registration as the  system prompts you. 

How many core investment sector are allowed for Investment on ismashtrades?

There are 6 core investment programs on iSmashtrades, investor  can invest in any/all of the respective Investment program. 

What is the minimum and the maximum investment capital in the respective Investment?

The minimum investment capital are set out under the  Investment schedule of each of the Investment programs. However, the  maximum investment per program is the multiple of the minimum  investment capital. For example in agric investment program, the  minimum capital is #25000, but an investor may take another Investment  in the same agric program by investing another separate agric  investment of #25,000. The investor can do this as many times as he  needs.

Can I plough back my profit into ismashtrades, and how many times can I do that?

Yes! Investors can plough back their ROI, and as many times as they  want. 

Is there any referral program on ismashtrades platform?

yes! Please see referral program on

What is the percentage returns on investment per program on ismashtrades?

This is set out in the Investment schedule of each Investment  program on the platform. It depends on the program and the Investment  plan chosen.

Does ismashtrades have a physical office or contact I can visit? 

Yes! Block 59, plot 12A, Kusenla road, ikate,, Lekki, beside spicy  restaurant, chisco bus stop, Lekki, Lagos. Phone – 018880185. Email - 

Can I go to ismashtrades physical office to register?

ismashtrade is a digital platform which means you can only register  online. 

Is ismashtrades a registered company in Nigeria?

Yes! iSmashtrade is a subsidiary of the Smash Group Limited (RC  1592710), and investment management and advisory services company. 

Does ismashtrades provide both technical and advisory support to investors?

Yes! Ismashtrades provide both technical and advisory support to  investors. 

Can I take out my investment capital from ismashtrades at anytime?

At ismashtrades, your investment capital remains yours at all times.  However, investor can only take out his investment capital after a stipulated  business cycle timeline. Please see ismashtrades terms and conditions. 

What other things are demanded of an investor after investment on iSmashtrades?

Nothing! An investor only await to take his profit. 

How can I monitor my investment on ismashtrades?

Through your iSmash dashboard. 

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